Be Safe: Sky-High Safety Containment Solution

The elite pavilion in the centre of Malaysia’s principal city Kuala Lumpur is a 51-storey tower that will incorporate ten retail levels below 383 luxury serviced apartments.  The sleek block features a full height glass curtain wall façade and a light-box roof, the biggest ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) roof in South East Asia.

DScaff Safety Systems have supplied the scaffolding and safety control systems for the large construction project. This included an EN1263-1 compliant Fall Arrest Safety Catch Net System as a control measure to mitigate the risk of falling objects and workers with a wide cantilever (up to five metres) from the edge of the construction. The system involves a primary safety net for worker fall protection, and a finer meshed sheeting to retain debris. “Powerclad Flame Retardant Vented Sheeting is integral to the quality of our systems,” explains managing director of DScaff Safety Systems, Niklas Gustafsson. “All our products are designed for rapid deployment to ensure productivity and first-class safety on site. Flame Retardant grades should always be used for works on occupied buildings or on safety critical installations. “
As an example, Gustafsson cites the recent fire on a construction site in Jumeirah Village in Dubai, where fire broke out on the top floor of a 60-storey hotel development, which spread to lower floors and took fire-fighters hours to control. UAE authorities are now drafting a revised fire safety code in the wake of a series of high-rise fires in recent years. To comply with insurance requirements on construction sites, ITP’s Flame Retardant products are independently certified by third party accreditation schemes.

Elite Pavilion

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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