Dramatic Impact in Deptford

Bellway Homes' new development in Deptford, south east London is under construction, dramatically protected with high visibility branding provided by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd. As required at a safety-critical development of this size, flame retardancy is mandatory and ITP’s Powerclad Premium Flame Retardant Sheeting is LPCB certified to LPS1215 for both printed and non-printed materials.

Powerclad weather protection and containment materials are manufactured and supplied by the North Yorkshire firm, which has specialist expertise in flame retardant technology. 

ITP has been providing custom branded containment materials and building membranes to Bellway Homes for several years. Branding for the Kent Wharf development required a special 45-linear-metre repeating digital print for the scaffolding structure. The standard roll length could not accommodate this and so ITP provided custom length rolls of 2m x 51m. The high-impact graphics for the sheeting were digitally printed in-house at ITP’s printing facility in Easingwold near York.

“Typically we’d supply PVC for this kind of project, but here the developer required containment materials that are certified LPS flame retardant. Powerclad Premium FR was the ideal solution,” said Mark Lennon, director of Spectrum Associated Supplies LLP, who worked with ITP to fulfil this custom order for Bellway Homes. A trial digital print of the large-scale design passed the test, and the high-impact result has transformed the Deptford skyline.

Powerclad Scaffold Sheeting is a reinforced polyolefin sheeting system for temporary containment and weather protection applications. Powerclad reinforcement bands incorporate eyelets every 10cm to provide a versatile system for all tube and fitting and modular scaffold systems and the ability to vary the support density according to anticipated wind forces. Powerclad Flame Retardant Sheeting is also offered in a standard grade.

Kent Wharf, Deptford, London

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