Gas Safe Social Housing

Allerton Bywater, a leafy suburb south-east of Leeds, will soon be home to 55 new affordable houses being built by the Esh Group for Yorkshire Housing. Yorkshire Housing is a social landlord providing more than 18,000 homes throughout Yorkshire. It develops around 300 new affordable homes each year and employs over 750 people.

Site evaluation determined that NHBC Amber 2 Gas Protection measures were required for methane and CO2. Specialist installers ReeveTec Membranes Ltd chose Powerbase Multigas 300 as the barrier membrane for the project. Produced by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd (ITP), Multigas 300 is an aluminium laminate incorporating a foil between two layers of LDPE with a reinforcing scrim. It is compliant to BS 8485, the British standard for protective measures for ground gases in new buildings.

ReeveTec used the perimeter and infill method to install the membrane on site. A width of Multigas 300 was installed to the perimeter along with any load bearing internal walls. Immediately  before the floor screed was laid, Multigas 300 was installed within the building and heat welded to the perimeter membrane. Powerbond Foil Detailing Tape was used seal the membrane around pipes and protrusions. ReeveTec recommends this installation method for domestic projects to minimise the risk of damage to the membrane during construction.

North Yorkshire-based ITP has more than 25 years’ experience in producing protective materials for buildings and construction, with specialist expertise in chemical resistant technology.

Allerton Bywater
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Powerbase Multigas 300 and Powerbond Foil Detailing Tape

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