Puraflex Accessories

Puraflex Hydrocarbon & VOC Barrier Top Hat

ITP's prefabricated detailing pieces complement the Puraflex Hydrocarbon & Chemical Resistant Barrier Membrane.

The pieces are made to order in a variety of materials and in different sizes for suitable for various applications.

Corner Pieces are available as both internal and external prefabricated items, made to order.

Top Hats come in a wide range of sizes to suit most protrusions (diameters from 100mm to 170mm as standard, other diameters available on request).

For more information, please email the Puraflex Technical Team or telephone +44 (0)1347 825221


Puraflex Adhesive Primer

Puraflex Adhesive Primer is used primarily for the Puraflex Tank membrane.

Priming the surface on porous installations such as concrete in a cellar application is important to ensure proper adhesion of the membrane.





Puraflex Permeation Modeller App

The unique Puraflex Permeation Modeller (PPM) software App enables you to:

  • Upload Soil Analysis chemical concentration values - the programme recognises chemical names, synonyms and/or CAS No
  • Enter project-specific variables:  soil temperatures, partition coefficients, soil ensities, etc
  • Output permeation results for incorporating directly into risk assessment software models (eg CLEA)

Puraflex Permeation Modeller is provided free of charge to qualified environmental scientists and design engineers/

To register for access to the Puraflex Permeation Modeller App, email the Puraflex Technical Department.