Powerclad Insulated Sheeting

Powerclad Insulated Sheeting

  • Reinforced polyethylene sheeting with an air-pocket insulating layer
  • Suitable for both tube & fitting and modular scaffold systems
  • Ideal for temporary weather protection and containment
  • Excellent low-temperature characteristics
  • Complies to BS 7955*
  • Flame retardant option to DIN 4102 B1
  • Good light transmission
  Insulated FR Insulated
Weight 370gsm 345gsm
Colour Ivory Clear
Standard sizes 2.0 x 20m
2.2 x 20m
2.7 x 20m
2.0 x 20m
2.2 x 20m
2.7 x 20m

 *Note: for BS 7955 compliance, min. tensile strength 630N/50mm, min. eyelet strength 500N, min. fastener strength 500N


fr-isoqarPowerclad Insulated Sheeting is a reinforced polyolefin sheeting system that incorporates air cells to provide thermal insulation for improved working environments and where controlled atmospheres are necessary, in both hot and cold climates.

Powerclad Insulated FR is ideal for safety critical sites and provides a temperature-controlled working environment for the construction phase. It can also be used to cover installations undergoing re-lagging and repainting where dry, temperature-controlled working environments are essential.

Both flame retardant and non-flame retardant grades conform to BS 7955 (for BS 7955 compliance, the min. tensile strength is 630N/50mm, min. eyelet strength 500N, min. fastener strength 500N).

. Powerclad Insulated Sheeting FR is flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1.

Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd is ISOQAR Quality Assured and certified to ISO 9001.

ITP's Scaffolding Team provides customer-specific service and technical support. Contact them on +44(0)1347 825200 or email powerclad@itpltd.com.

See Tech Base for more information about Certification and Compliance.



Powerclad Insulated Sheeting is suitable for all tube & fitting and modular scaffolding systems. Install to BS 8410 Code of practice for lightweight temporary cladding for weather protection and containment on construction works.

Powerclad Insulated Sheeting is normally installed horizontally or vertically on the outside of the scaffold. For overlapped installations, the scaffold lifts or bays should be designed to match the spacing of the outer two reinforcement bands.

When overlapping, the panels' reinforcement fixing bands with eyelet marks should be aligned and Powerclad Powerties used to attach the sheets to the scaffold structure.

We recommend using one bag (100) of Powerclad Powerties elasticated toggle per roll of scaffold sheeting for correct installation.

Certification and Compliance

BS 7955:1999 This British Standard is for: Containment nets and sheets for construction works. Specification for performance and test methods. It specifies the minimum tensile strength of the scaffold sheeting, the eyelet strength and the ties.  For BS7955 compliance, the min. tensile strength is 630N/50mm, min. eyelet strength 500N, min. fastener strength 500N.

Flame Retardancy

DIN 4102 B1 Fire behaviour of building materials and elements - Classification of building materials - Requirements and testing