Powerlon Wall Membranes

SupaPerm 100

  • Housewrap-type universal breathable membrane
  • Wall breather for timber frame construction
  • Suitable as underlay for profiled metal roofs
  • CE approved
  • High water vapour permeability
  • High tensile strength
  • High nail tear resistance
  • Acts as an air barrier
  • Hydrophobic (water resistant)
  • Customised printing available
  SupaPerm 100
Water resistance Pass BS 4016
Tensile strength MD 200N/50mm
XD 140N/50mm
Colour Black
Standard Sizes 1.6 x 100m
2.7 x 100m
3.2 x 100m



Powerlon SupaPerm 100 Breather membrane is a single layer, hydrophobic non-woven fabric, which is both water resistant and breathable. In addition to timber frame construction, SP100 is also suited to profiled metal/standing seam roof applications.

The housewrap-type breather membrane is both water resistant to BS 4016 and breathable with excellent water vapour permeability.

Powerlon SupaPerm 100 has CE Marking for "Flexible sheets for waterproofing – Underlays for walls (EN 13859-2: 2010)"

Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd is ISOQAR Quality Assured and certified to ISO 9001.

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A breather membrane is a water-resistant material which allows water vapour to pass through when there is a difference in humidity on opposite sides. Breather membranes are used on the outside of frame walls under the exterior finish material.

Breather membranes perform three functions:

  1. to shed moisture and restrict any rain water which penetrates past the exterior finish from reaching the wood wall;
  2. to perform as a breather material allowing any moisture within the wall cavity to escape by diffusion through the membrane to the exterior; and
  3. to act as a wind barrier to restrict movement of air through the wall.

Powerlon SupaPerm 100 is a housewrap-type breather suitable of walls in timber frame construction and as an underlay for profiled metal/standing seam roof applications.


Powerlon SupaPerm 100 should be installed on the cold side of the insulation allow water vapour to escape from the building or insulation.

  • The membrane can be hung horizontally or vertically. With SIPs panel, the membrane can be stapled to the panels with steel staples.
  • All joints should have 100mm horizontal and 200mm vertical overlaps.
  • The membrane can be sealed at the joints and overlaps to provide an air barrier and to deter water ingress.
  • Where practical, joints should be overlapped in a tile effect away from direct or prevailing winds.
  • For window and door reveals, the membrane should be cut and folded into the reveal prior to the fitting of the window or doorframe.

Powerlon Tapes, including Penetration Tape, FR Aluminium Tape and Double-sided Jointing Tape, complement the Powerlon Breather Membrane range for professional installation. See Powerlon Accessories.


CE Marking is required for many products. It

  • shows that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements
  • is an indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation
  • allows the free movement of products within the European market

Powerlon SupaPerm 100 has been tested for use as "Flexible sheets for waterproofing – Underlays for walls (EN 13859-2: 2010)."

Water Resistance

BS 4016 Specification for flexible building membranes (breather type)